fused glass platter

John Matthews

bullseye glass
/ 55 x 35 x 5cm

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John Matthews Glass

I have recently diversified to creating art glass, again undergoing a process of self learning to create truly unique pieces of art, which are functional in most cases if not beautifully decorative for your home.

John Matthews Glass, has created a series of plates, bowls, and a range of decorative table and hanging ware, all unique and handmade using the highest quality glass imported from America, or more simple items from recycled glass. Each glass piece possesses natural bubbles and flaws only created through the handmade process. Also each piece comes with the unique mark of a John Matthews product.

Creating glass art is a very long and slow process – each piece is derived from carefully cutting and placing shapes of glass, with a basis of two separate lengths of glass, which are fused together over a 24hr period. If tableware is being produced then the ‘fused’ piece is placed over a mould to ‘slump’ into a desired shape; a bowl, plate or candle stick holder etc. This ‘slumping’ process takes another 24hrs until the item can be washed and engraved for a more personalised touch.

The pictorial art work was inspired by beach-huts, sailing boats and Kandinsky, but my work continually develops and is inspired by what I see and what I can experiment with, a lot of the time I don’t have a fixed idea of what I will create, and of course each piece will behave differently in the kiln.

With a John Matthews Glass piece, you will truly have not only an original piece of art, but also a highly innovative one.

For more information, or to commission a piece please contact me via email johnmatthewsart@btinternet.com

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