Autumn Stream

Carolyn Theobald BA(Hons) DipArch ARB

watercolour on watercolour paper
/ 33 x 25cm

About this work

On this perfect autumn day, you can almost smell the leaves and hear them russling in the trees, as the stream water lazily flows beside you. Read more »

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  • Price £95.00



Ever since I could hold a paintbrush I have been painting and creating; through school and university I've always enjoyed being an artist. If I find something beautiful or inspiring, I'm all the more compelled to challenge myself to capture it in a painting. Nature is the most incredible thing and I particularly enjoy creating abstract and figurative art from nature. Most of all, as I enjoy creating my paintings and the feel of the paint under my brush, I hope that you also enjoy viewing them. If they make you smile and brighten your day, then I am happy. Read more »
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