Jemma Attwater

Acrylic on Canvass
/ 150 x 120 x 5cm

About this work

Based on a greek mythological story about a minotaur being bought virgins from other islands I really wanted to show the extremes of the fury and strength of the minotaur apposed to the fragility and fear of the virgins. Despite the violent subject matter, it was a lot of fun to paint. This was because I could put lots of energy into the painting using big brush strokes and keeping the whole style rather loose. Read more »

  • Provenance property of artist
  • Seller Vision3
  • Price £500.00



Born in Perth, Western Australia and studied at The Western Australian school of Art and Design. Spent a few years in Perth after studies working from own studio. Moved to London in 2007

Works vary from black and white charcoal and ink illustrative style with subject matter ranging from mythological subjects to figurative studies. Also likes to experiment with a more abstract style which tends to be more about bold colour splashes and texture.

Most works are on large scale canvases, this with a mixed use of media compliments the bold subject matter. Read more »

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