Oil and acrylic
/ 100 x 132 x 3cm

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  • Provenance property of the artist
  • Seller TrevorRPlumm
  • Price £1,000,000.00



British artist, TREVOR R PLUMMER, featured by Royal Approval with Her Majesty the Queen, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Best Picture profile.

The only artist, in the entire world, to produce the No.1 Oldest Sculpture with material dated 14 billion years old, recorded in the Guiness Book of Records.

Trevor is a versatile artist, producing sculptures, various works of art, mixed media, oil paintings. The artist prefers to work with all available materials. The latest sculpture arts consist of some of the most glamorous materials ~ diamonds, gold, silver, solid crystals, geodes, emeralds, sapphires, and a list of many more unique materials.

British artist TREVOR R PLUMMER works are widely featured on Sothebys, Chrities, Bonhams, BBC Art Revealed, Wallery Art Catalogue, Artnet, ArtFortune. Regular news features in The Times and New York Times, The Guardian, Independent, The New York Gazette, China News, Yahoo News and all major news media and social media. Follow us on twitter

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