head of a polo pony

Susan James

/ 20 x 14 x 11cm

About this work

This is the head of a polo pony an edition of three, the original was made for a wedding present for one of Englands foremost players.It is finished in a golden brown and mounted on polished walnut. Read more »

  • Provenance property of the artist
  • Displayed by suejjames

head of a polo pony is not available to purchase

head of a polo pony is on display as an example of the artist's work.


I trained in the70's and worked for about 5 years mainly doing commissions,family affairs then took over,now age 75 I am on my own and have started again.I have a special interest in horses having ridden and looked after them for 55 years.My original work is in clay from which I make a mould and cast it in wax, then it goes to the foundry where it is cast in bronze, it is returned to me when I finish the metal and patinate it. Read more »
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