path creation

cezar ionut Nicula

/ 45 x 35 x 35cm

About this work

About PATH CREATION creation way I think I can speak very much because it is a work that I demonstrate that wood speaks to you while trying to bring to life (final form). and I say this because I left a well planned idea but over all another form more clear about what he wants to express. I do not want to talk too much and I'm still the first love full of joy and like another world that told me it by vibration chisels. Creative way that you play status when trying to brain something that state where your thoughts take birth like in another world. A world of forms to understand a world that did not think I could ever explain it in words but I associate it with an infinite number of chain links that are worn as if by magic, full of beauty when you manage to catch a small fragment of infinity images that it plays in its pure form Read more »

  • Provenance its made in uk
  • Seller Stefan
  • Price £2,500.00



this year he is was qualified in final at international wood sculpture Taiwan 2014.and i think the work tell everything Read more »
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