Evil rings

Minimal Magic

Quality acrylic paint, mixed media and silver metal leaf
/ 60 x 60 x 4cm

About this work

Colour(s) - Black, burnt umber, red, and silver

Medium - Quality acrylic paint, mixed media and silver metal leaf

Size - 24" x 24" x 1.5" - 60cm x 60cm x 4cm

Description - The texture on this modern abstract piece looks amazing in real life. The washes of red, dark brown and black has created a very interesting textured effect. The texture does have a real stone like feel when you touch the surface, and the texture looks like a dark red cave with dirt smeared everywhere. The two silver rings finish the piece off quite well, and it gives the artwork that modern touch. The silver rings were not painted they were crafted by hand with silver metal leaf. This is a very interesting piece of abstract art. Read more »

  • Provenance property of the artist
  • Seller Minimalmagic
  • Price £150.00



Visit my artist website at http://www.minimalmagic.co.uk to view my artist profile and also a stunnging range of unique modern abstract art. There are more photo's on my website of each artwork including close up photo's. Please remember the prices stated on bigartspace are only exclusive to people who buy through this website. Please remember FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK. If you need to contact me by phone please feel free to call on the number stated on my website. Custom art is also available. Read more »
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