day at the beach

donald dean

acrilics on ply wood 48inches by 36

About this work

this is part fantasey and part reality shows a leopard cub relaxing against a backdrop of sea and mountains Read more »

  • Provenance donald dean
  • Seller dean
  • Price £1,800.00



i have had a love hate relationship with art all my life and expressing my self in paint since befor i could walk and always torn between music and art as im also a musician/songwriter and producer i have had many layoffs the last one lasted several years i had lost my voice and lost my way felt i had nothing new to say well iv found my voice again and not only am i using it but now im shouting out loud some people pray some chant some meditate i paint and make music its my way of conversing and expressing my ideas and thoughts so i hope you find something you can connect with and enjoy Read more »
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