The Golden Tree

Saira Thomson

Oil on Paper
/ 32 x 30cm

About this work

Oil on Paper

12 x 12.5 inches

This is one of my favorite paintings..I love the colours in them..This painting further inspired another one of my work which has just been chosen for an exhibition in Glasgow. Hope you will adore it as much I do.

If you would like it framed, I can send it you framed (white/silver) for additional £10. Read more »

  • Provenance Property of the Artist
  • Seller SairaThomson
  • Price £130.00



Hi there,

I am a self taught artist and as far as I can remember I have always been interested in painting. Painting and drawing is something that helps me relax and unwind..and I am glad that the outcome of it is something that people can look at and maybe feel the same way as I felt when painting them. Mostly what I paint depends on how I feel at the time..and I was born and brought up in India and some of my paintings may have some Indian influenced themes too. I am deeply interested in understanding the minute fabric of our existence and I think sometimes that comes through in my paintings. I also love perfectioning the minute details..Hope you enjoy some of my paintings!! Love & Light

Saira Thomson Read more »

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