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    About me

    I was born in Bath, and spent my childhood living in Wiltshire. Over the years I have moved around to various parts of the country due to my husband’s work, and have now settled in Upavon, Pewsey, with my husband, our four children and two cats.
    I have never formally studied art, but have tried my hand at most ‘arty crafty’ things, ranging from cake decorating to silk painting. I find arts and crafts very therapeutic and am lucky enough to find it comes naturally.
    My current medium is paper cutting and as I’m very much drawn to the neatness and sharp lines of our country’s architecture, this seemed the perfect place to start. I have been inspired by various contemporary papercut artists such as Suzy Taylor, Beatrice Coron, Robert Ryan and Beth White.
    Over the next few weeks I am planning to cut various ‘Architecture’, mainly found in the West Country. I also have plans for some ‘Woodland’ cuttings and a smaller sized ‘Nursery’ range. Finally, I have a couple of other projects planned, but they will need to be kept ‘top secret’ for now.

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