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I am sensitive to the world’s beauty and to the oneness of all creatures. It is always amusing for me to capture the appearance of the world as it is, but paint with a new directness and spontaneity.
I like to capture the fleeing moment of light and an effect of weather .This was achieved by studied observation of the ever-changing moods of nature, which became a daily habit and gives great pleasure.
It is my aim to create clarity of space: a space that is playful and moving. With this play of space, time and memory, I want to make the viewer participate. When you look at the painting, it’s like a conversation. It has questions for you and it raises questions in you. As a painter, I have some intuition about the kinds of dialogue that a painting will engender. The painting is like language.
I used to vary my landscape style to express a variety of different moods and meanings. I consider the feelings that the painting invokes. I start with a blank canvas and then actually make decisive decisions on space usage, color, elements to include, and so forth to really communicate. I gain as much pleasure from creating harmonies from various blues and greens highlighted with white. I trigger my imagination to keep the painting alive. Really like the idea of combining different viewpoints in my paintings. Feel free to contemplate and unravel my paintings’ deep and underlying meanings.
I am capable of working in different styles. Acrylics enable to produce a myriad of textures. I was keen to use interpreting any king of texture in my paintings and collages but… I just love to paint with oil.
For me, colour is to vision what rhythm is to music and this is painting is all about-enjoyment and continual exploration of new ideas.

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About me

My desire for painting is carried by two foundations: first I like to create paintings, that people look at it and it will bring them peace, happiness, comfort, relieve and be like open door leading in the wonderful new world. To create the feeling in viewer that he is inside the picture and can feel the painting – feel warm sunbeam on him, feel fresh breeze, he can see the reflection in water that brings him peace.
Since I can see that nature has given us a lot of gifts that we don’t appreciate, we forget about it, we want to think something else but if we just look around we can already see what we are looking for. It’s connected to the second foundation I have – that is I admire nature. I get excited about it because I can go and look to the leave of three, its form and shape and it’s just so beautiful. Its shadows - pink and yellow, they make me feel so happy and enjoy the life. I want to create it, if I see water, river or sea then I feel like to paint real living water, that you look the picture and have feeling like you would like to put your hand in that clear water and touch it. I admire nature and I want that feeling and excitement to go through picture and impact the viewer, in the nature is a lot that can bring us satisfaction and peace of mind and happiness. We are just locked in our house and even when we go to nature, we can’t keep the feeling of it.
I would like to give people painting where I have put in piece of my soul, when I’m painting. I put my soul into that, every colour brings his own feeling with it and I like to choose colours and contrasts that will bring good and nice feelings, not upsetting. Most of time abstract art gives work for your brain – you have to think what do you see on it – but if I just create the beauty I see around me, you don’t have to think, you can just enjoy the good feelings that looking the painting gives you, you get satisfaction for your soul and you can just relax.

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