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'Storage' may refer to:
* Small, mobile containers designed to hold food or other goods:
** Container (cargo), a shipping container, storage for cargo transport
** Food storage, containers such as Tupperware and Rubbermaid brands
** Magazine (artillery), an item or place within which ammunition is stored
** See also Packaging and labelling, commercial packaging used to store consumer goods, such as boxes, bottles, and cans
* Furniture designed to hold small objects:
** Bookcase, Cabinet (furniture), Chest (furniture), Cupboard, Desk, Sideboard (hutch), Refrigerator, etc.
* Larger containers typically designed to store special kinds of objects or substances:
** Reservoir (water), an artificial lake
** Tank (for storing liquid), a storage tank
** Dry cask storage, storing high-level radioactive waste
* Special rooms, or parts of buildings, designed for storage:
** Storage room, Closet, Cellar, Attic
* Special buildings, or collections of buildings, designed to hold large objects, or a great many objects of a particular type:
** Shed, Depot, Garage (house)
** Warehouse, a commercial building for storage of goods
** Self storage, public storage facility
** Ammunition dump, a military storage facility for live ammunition and explosives
* Devices designed to store and release electrical charge or energy:
** Capacitor, stores electric charge
** Battery, a store of electricity
* Devices designed for information storage and retrieval:
** Computer storage, Hard drive, Computer memory
** See also Store and forward, relaying information through one or more intermediate stations which temporarily store the information
* Collections of stored information:
** Archive, or archives — a collection of records
** Books store the wisdom of the ages
** Memory stores the record of experience
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