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'Stone' may refer to:
* Rock (geology), a naturally occurring aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids
* List of stone, types of stone used in building, sculpture and masonry work
* Stoning, a method of execution using rocks
* Gemstone, as used in jewelry
* Stone, a physical token used in a board game
* Stone (weight), a unit of weight equal to fourteen pounds
* Calculus (medicine), a painful concretion of materials in organs or ducts, e.g. gallstones
* Stone, an alternate name for Amara, the world in fantasy author Graham Edwards Stone trilogy
* Stone, the hard covering enclosing the seed of a drupe such as a peach
* to be stoned, the intoxicated state after indulging in cannabis or alcohol
* Stoneware, a form of man-made stone, used as pottery
* Coade stone, a special form of vitreous stoneware, used for monumental work and architectural decoration
* Stone Brewing Company, a brewery in Escondido, CA
; In music
* Rolling Stones
* Stone (band), a Finnish heavy metal band
* The Stones, an informal term for the British rock band
* Stones (album), an early album by Psychadelic Percussion featuring the Moog synthesizer
* "Stones" (song), a popular song in the Ultima series
; Places
* Stone, Buckinghamshire
* Stone, Gloucestershire
* Stone, Kent
* Stone, Staffordshire
* Stone, Worcestershire, Worcestershire
; People

* List of people named Stone
da:Sten (geologi)
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