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Reference Library: Post-painterly Abstraction

Post-painterly Abstraction

'Post-painterly Abstraction' is a term created by art critic, Clement Greenberg in the 1960s to distinguish his idea of pure art from the Abstract Expressionism movement of about the same time. Greenberg believed that art was progressing to a certain point and that the many movements of art throughout history were simply leading up to this. This final step in art, according to Greenberg, would produce pure art. To him, pure art essentially consisted of a lack of many elements such as subject matter, connection with the artist, and brush strokes. The main goal was to reveal the truthfulness of the canvas, celebrating the two-dimensional aspects of the space, unlike previous attempts toward illusionism. He believed that one of the first painters to achieve Post-painterly Abstraction was Frank Stella in 1963.

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