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The word Outsider may refer to one of several things:
* One identified as on the periphery of social norms, or as an observer peering into group identity, i.e. of independence in character and thought.
* One of the fictional species in Larry Niven's Known Space universe, the 'Outsiders'.
* The web-based science fiction comic 'Outsider'.
* An 'outsider' or 'trimmer' - an apprentice upholster.
* Outsider - a 1997 film from Slovenia.
* The Outsider - a 1956 book by Colin Wilson
* The Outsider - an alternate translation of the title of Albert Camus' novel L’Étranger (sometimes published in English as The Stranger)
* Outsider is a song by the Ramones
* In the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, 'Outsiders' are any creatures not born in the Prime Material Plane. This includes celestials, devils, demons, yugoloths, modrons, slaadi and rilmani, as well as several other kinds of entities

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* The Outsider
* The Outsiders
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