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Reference Library: Naïve art
Naïve art is created by untrained artists. It is characterized by simplicity and a lack of the elements or qualities found in the art of formally trained artists. (See also, outsider art, with which it bears many similarities.)
The term naïve art presumes the existence (by contrast) of an academy and of a generally accepted educated manner of art creation, most often painting. In practice, however, there are schools of naïve artists. Over time it has become an acceptable style.
The characteristics of naïve art are an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting; for example, difficulties with drawing and perspective that result in a charmingly awkward and often refreshing vision; strong use of pattern, unrefined colour, and simplicity rather than subtlety are all supposed markers of naive art. It has become such a popular and recognisable style that many examples could be called pseudo-naïve.
'Primitive art' is another term often applied to the art of those without formal training. This is distinguished from the self-conscious movement primitivism. Another term related to, but not completely synonymous with, naïve art, is folk art.

Naïve artists

*Alfred Wallis
*Derold Page
*Camille Bombois(1883-1970)[]
*Claudine Pieters[]
*Justus DaLee
*Edward Hicks
*Ferenc Kalmar
*Grandma Moses
*Henri Rousseau
*Henry Darger
*Horace Pippin
*Howard Finster
*Ivan Lacković Croata
*Ivan Generalic
*Ivan Rabuzin[]
*Janko Brašić
*Mile Davidović
*Bryan Pearce
*Niko Pirosmani
*Claudia Vecchiarelli
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