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art buyer's guide

Buy what you like.

We all have different reasons for buying Art. It may be something needed decorate an interior, a subject matter that interests us, the work of an artist we admire (or wish to collect), or a combination of these factors.

Buy original art.

An original piece of art, signed (with provenance), is worth more than an unsigned piece or a reproduction. Making a piece of original art work takes time, materials, effort, and knowledge. As a buyer look, read the information that accompanies the work, and (if you need to) ask the artist/seller. The actual value of a piece of art usually corresponds with the status of the artist (i.e. how well known/collectable they are).

Buy art with provenance.

Buy a piece of art direct from the artist, or a seller who can guarantee the provenance (origin and history) of your purchase. Work without provenance has less of resale value and may have issues.

Remember shipping charges.

When buying art online remember the shipping charges. Add this to the cost of your actual art work. This will be the total cost of your purchase.

Remember framing charges.

Your purchase will probably be unframed. Some artists will produce work to �standard� size; allowing you buy a ready made frame from a retailer. Others feel this hinders their working process and suggest you have a frame made to size.

Buy what you can afford.

Buy art work within your budget. Here at bigartspace the artists/sellers overheads are significantly reduced. Thus, they can pass this saving onto their customers.