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1. Do not Price Yourself Out of the Market

Unless you are a recognised artist, try not to overprice your work. Can you command a four figure some for your work when you have just started selling your art? If your art is priced reasonably and it is of good quality it will sell. Most art sold on Bigartspace is (in the humble opinion of Bigartspace) at a good price and of good quality.

What price is a reasonable price for your art? One strategy is to take the cost of the art materials plus the time taken for the artist to create the artwork plus a little profit on top. As the artwork or artist becomes more popular and demand increases then increase your profit to accommodate the extra demand.

2. Know your target market

Some artists are exhibiting just to display their work to the world and are not interested in how much profit they make. Sometimes you can see this when the art is labelled “not for sale” in the Bigartspace gallery.

Other artists or art sellers wish to sell larger volumes and will therefore need to consider about their market. Tapping into the larger market may involve an audience looking for art to fits with their home décor, a piece of art to fill an empty void or art to fill a space on a wall. Consider looking at the latest interior magazines for the colours and styles that contemporary homes are currently trending towards and fit your work into those colour schemes.

3. Offer viewings

Your prospective art buyer may love your artwork, but if your art is at a premium price your customer may be reluctant buy art without seeing it in person. No one wants to be ripped off, right? To re-assure your art buyer, why not consider offering viewing at your premises? This allows the buyer to view the art in person before they buy, it may also avoid you having to pack and post the work.

However, unless you have a business premises (an art gallery for instance), for your own privacy do not give out your address in your gallery. Instead mention in the artwork description which area of the country you are in and that you welcome viewings. Suggest that the art buyer contact you through your gallery to make an appointment.

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