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State your returns period

Bigartspace is UK based web site and is therefore governed by UK law. Therefore by UK law your online art gallery must conform to the UK's distance selling laws which mean that you must offer your customers a 7 day money back guarantee, where your buyer must return the artwork and you must refund their money (see the Bigartspace User Agreement).

To reassure your customers, why not state that you offer this seven day money back guarantee in your artwork description? Your art buyer may not be aware of their rights in this area and may not yet have read the Bigartspace User Agreement, so it really helps to reassure. Better still, why not offer something extra like a 2 week money back guarantee to allow them more time to see how they like the artwork?

Provide Payment Options

It is of course fine to offer payment by cheque in your gallery. However, with a cheque comes the concern over fraud. There is obviously a period where either the seller has cashed a cheque and the artwork has not been received or the artwork has been shipped but the cheque has not cleared (note Bigartspace recommends ensuring that a buyer's cheque has cleared before shipping the artwork). Therefore for the safety of both the buyer and seller, it would be beneficial to offer the security of payment by credit card.

On your Bigartspace gallery, credit card payments can be set up easily by creating your own Paypal account. When Art is purchased using PayPal, the buyer gives Paypal their credit card details and not you, then PayPal then pays you. PayPal is regulated by the UK's Financial Service Authority.

You will be notified by PayPal that the transaction has succeeded. Thus you will feel reassured that you will receive payment and the customer has the security of paying by credit card.

To setup PayPal, log in to your account and choose "change payment settings" a tick "receive payments by PayPal". Then, why not tell the buyer that you offer the security of purchasing by credit card in your artwork description?

Paypal UK

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