Frog Pottery Tadpole Glass

Dichroic glass jewellery, hangings, and Ceramic sculptures are a few of the things I make that you will find here.
Working in two mediums has it's delights and difficulties- sometimes I have so much on the go I don't know what to do next, hewever I do try to limit myself to just two! I make both traditional and contemporary work and like to do things with my own twist. So my dichroic jewellery is multi layered and often fired twice and my ceramics have whacky handles or knobs or are off centre. The full range can be seen at

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    About me

    I started as a Stained Glass designer and maker way back in the early eighties, then got into Ceramics. While I was at University studying Ceramics I spent my time right next to the Glass department and this re-fired my love of glass. These days I throw ceramics and fuse glass, with both traditional and contemporary designs. I love both media for different reasons- the depth and light reflection of glass and the tactile nature of clay. You can see my full range at

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