Bret's Art Work

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About me

Born in 1969 in small town of Sumperk in the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia at the time. Attended art school for about a year at the age of six. The school sent one of his works to Gallery in Prague. Then he joined a local ice hockey club and quit the art school. At age 11, his family moved to Macedonia and that meant an end to his ice hockey carrier. He won some art competitions in high school, but never considered art as his life's path. He studied Architecture, yet spent his life working in a casino business. At age 45, after he suffered a heart attack, he finally let his talent loose, discovering that art is, what he was born to do. He hopes to catch up all years lost and become a professional artist. His work goes from surrealistic realism to a common landscape, yet style remains purely realistic. However, in future he promises to move through more different styles, for he loves challenge and wants to discover the extent of his potential.

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