Tribal war mask

Jeremy Reckless

Plaster on a wooden frame
/ 150 x 50 x 20cm

About this work

I made this unique tribal war mask using a combination of influences from Maori and African art work. It is a large wall mounted sculpture for internal display. It is 1.5m high from the bottom of the beard to the top of his hair, so would require a reasonably sized wall space to show him off. I made it by creating a 3D wooden frame which I then clad in aluminium mesh and then rendered in a light weight plaster of paris. I then painted him and added the metal hair which I created from galvanised wire. Read more »

  • Provenance Property of the artist
  • Seller jreckless
  • Price £1,500.00



I am 48 and live by the coast in West Sussex, England. I take my inspiration for photography from the beach and sea and for sculpture from Maori and African art work. I like to create large pieces of artwork that are both colourful and striking Read more »
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