The Stag

aegir maciver

steel and wood
/ 60 x 90 x 45cm

About this work

Capturing the dynamic strength and poise of this iconic wild animal through the twisting coils of steel that describes its shape, this sculpture offers a captivating, contemporary vision of an ancient creature. Aegirs sculptures are individually handcrafted using his own sculptural metalworking process to create a unique artwork with each piece he produces, further enhanced by their display on blackened Scottish Ash from Speyside, Scotland. This artwork is also available for buyers in a choice of finishes: Antique Silver, Old Gold and Hammered bronze Read more »

  • Provenance artist made
  • Seller aegir71
  • Price £2,800.00



Aegir Maciver is a sculptor based in the borders of Scotland, where he handcrafts unique contemporary sculptures inspired by the wildlife and forms of his native country.

The ‘longest apprenticeship in art history’ began with his work in his families art foundry where his immersion in the sculptural form and the craft of metal work began. His understanding and skill would be honed in metal workshops and foundries across the UK and beyond.

Aegir’s individual style and vision have been forged through his many years of art fabrication for famed contemporary artists, amongst those who have entrusted Aegir to realize their vision are Turner prize nominated David Mach and Christine Borland.

Working closely on projects with sculptors as diverse as Andy Scott and Sandy Stoddart has afforded Aegir a privileged artist education, learning the techniques and informing the perspective that allows him to produce his highly individual artwork.

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