Durdle Door Dorset

Irina Fine Art

acrylic on canvas
/ 50 x 50 x 3cm

About this work

Sometimes we feel like we are standing at the edge of a cliff, that we have reached an increased level of understanding and we are pondering a life-altering decision.

I sat there for a minute with my mouth hanging wide open, just astonished by the sight before me. This view beyond is breathtaking and certainly never fails to impress. The rugged chalk cliffs provide natural tower-block dwellings for a myriad of breeding seabirds in early summer. I wanted to convey the day, the feel of this high tide lapping onto the shore and the reflections on the rippling water. I depicted the full light of day and cooler harmonies suggested by blue water. The weather at times had been very hot and this left a strong impression, so all the information was there, both visual and emotional.

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  • Price £450.00



My desire for painting is carried by two foundations: first I like to create paintings, that people look at it and it will bring them peace, happiness, comfort, relieve and be like open door leading in the wonderful new world. To create the feeling in viewer that he is inside the picture and can feel the painting – feel warm sunbeam on him, feel fresh breeze, he can see the reflection in water that brings him peace.

Since I can see that nature has given us a lot of gifts that we don’t appreciate, we forget about it, we want to think something else but if we just look around we can already see what we are looking for. It’s connected to the second foundation I have – that is I admire nature. I get excited about it because I can go and look to the leave of three, its form and shape and it’s just so beautiful. Its shadows - pink and yellow, they make me feel so happy and enjoy the life. I want to create it, if I see water, river or sea then I feel like to paint real living water, that you look the picture and have feeling like you would like to put your hand in that clear water and touch it. I admire nature and I want that feeling and excitement to go through picture and impact the viewer, in the nature is a lot that can bring us satisfaction and peace of mind and happiness. We are just locked in our house and even when we go to nature, we can’t keep the feeling of it.

I would like to give people painting where I have put in piece of my soul, when I’m painting. I put my soul into that, every colour brings his own feeling with it and I like to choose colours and contrasts that will bring good and nice feelings, not upsetting. Most of time abstract art gives work for your brain – you have to think what do you see on it – but if I just create the beauty I see around me, you don’t have to think, you can just enjoy the good feelings that looking the painting gives you, you get satisfaction for your soul and you can just relax.

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