Purple Floral

Saira Thomson

Acrylic on Paper
/ 30 x 40cm

About this work

Acrylic on Paper. 12x16 Inches.This piece is not currently framed-Please get in touch to arrange this if required

This is painting of big beautiful wild exotic flowers in a field..Hope you enjoy these flowers as much as I enjoyed painting them.

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  • Provenance Property of the Artist
  • Seller SairaThomson
  • Price £125.00



Hi there,

I am a self taught artist and as far as I can remember I have always been interested in painting. Painting and drawing is something that helps me relax and unwind..and I am glad that the outcome of it is something that people can look at and maybe feel the same way as I felt when painting them. Mostly what I paint depends on how I feel at the time..and I was born and brought up in India and some of my paintings may have some Indian influenced themes too. I am deeply interested in understanding the minute fabric of our existence and I think sometimes that comes through in my paintings. I also love perfectioning the minute details..Hope you enjoy some of my paintings!! Love & Light

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