Liverpool Skyline at Eveningtide

John Purslow

Acrylic on canvas
/ 30 x 90cm

About this work

Liverpool Skyline at Eveningtide

One of the world's most famous skylines with its famous harbour buildings, cathedrals and, of course, the Mersey river. Read more »

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  • Seller scousescona
  • Price £400.00



I have discovered the foundation of good art is having a "good eye": observing how light (and its absence) plays on surfaces and reproducing that in an intriguing fashion, not necessarily photo-realistically, but convincingly at least; and the basis of this is being adept at drawing, followed by the application of colour, tone and shade.

It is my belief that art should have a certain amount of craft in it - I'm a fan of the Old Masters and Pre-Raphaelites, but also admire the spontaneity of more modern and contemporary art. A painting that has taken just thirty minutes' work often has thirty years' experience embedded within. Read more »

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