Raw Demin

Jo Aanne

Mix-media on canvas
/ 61 x 91cm

About this work

is a vibrant painting with striking colour combinations and a heavily textured section that you want to reach out and touch. Mainly blue and red in colour with a heavily textured purple section and a splash of silver. Read more »

  • Provenance Property of the artist
  • Seller JoAanne
  • Price £159.00



Art is the one constant in my life.

My work encompasses raw, deep texture, resulting in highly tactile art. Everything influences me, from my dreams to the natural world, landscape vistas to microcosms of detail. It all seeps in, fragments and is made manifest in my artwork.

I'm creative everyday and love what I do. I thrive on people giving me good feedback - this is not so I can feed my ego, I like to know they enjoy having my art in their home and it brings them happiness. If my customer is happy, I'm happy.

I love creating my paintings and I hope you'll find something you'll love for many years to come, here at my Big Art Space!

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