Highland Cow

Rebecca Vose

Graphite pencil on 240gsm bristol board
/ 21 x 30cm

About this work

Graphite pencil drawing of highland cow drawn on 240gsm bristol board.

Measures 210mm x 297mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches Read more »

  • Provenance property of the artist
  • Seller RebeccaVose
  • Price £35.00



I have always had a passion for art and drawing since I can remember but have never had the chance to go to college or art classes and have just practised my natural talent for drawing over the years.

I specialise in pencil drawings as this is my preferred media. I have a keen eye for detail and like my drawings to be as realistic as possible. I do commissioned work as well as working on pictures I just felt compelled to draw for others to enjoy and sample my work.

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