Embroidered flower on card

Kate Esdaile

Thread, yarn, paint, card
/ 29 x 21 x 3cm

About this work

This is a lovingly hand embroidered and crafted lotus flower with an array of thick tonal, textured thread. This is a textile piece. The card background is painted bright white so as to emphasis the rich colours of the thread admits the white background . It is framed in a glass, double sided frame, so you can enjoy the stitching on both sides and see the handicraft from both angles. There is a range of purple threads used from royal purple all the way through to light lilac which, as well as varied tones of reds and burgundys. This isa intricately, lovingly and holistically sewn piece. Intentionally crafted by hand so that the viewer can enjoy the excuburiant textures of layer upon layer of thread. Layers upon layers of cotton, silk and polyester thread have been used to create the finished lotus flower. The flower is noticeable from a far, as well as close up where you can gaze at the lined textures of thread through the glass frame. This piece would brighten up any bedroom or living room and can be enjoyed at a distance as well as close up. Read more »

  • Provenance NA
  • Seller KateEsdaile
  • Price £55.00


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