Alistair grew up on the outskirts of Derbyshire, UK, with his parents and elder sister.
He has always been interested in photography, taking after his father who was (and is still) a keen amateur photographer.
As an adult, he became more involved in computer graphics, changing his digital images into abstract shapes and colours; abstract art being a genre that he loves.
His art was purely a hobby for many years until a friend of a friend helped him to build his confidence, encouraging him to explore his potential as a freehand artist,
without the need for photography, using just the power of his imagination. Now he utilises both skills, with his photography work alongside his freehand abstract art.
The photography is largely nature-based: scenic views, skies, wildlife.
The abstract however has become extremely personal, using it as he does as an emotional release to clear his mind - be that pent-up rage,
a response to a situation, or even merely a need to create an image inspired by music he is listening to at the time.
Alistair is looking forward to being able to sell some of his work over the Internet.
He is a keen fundraiser for his chosen charities: Diabetes UK and Klinefelter's Syndrome Association.

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